Taney Home project

This is the Eagle Scout project done by Steffen Gates in 2001. Virtually everything having to do with this project was conceptualized and and created by and with the help of other boy scouts.

This project for the Roger Brooke Taney home and museum would not have been possible if not for all the help and support I received. First, I would like to thank my parents for getting me into scouting to begin with. Next, I would Like to thank Scoutmaster Ronn Layman for pushing me in the right direction dispite my overly busy schedule. Finally, I give thanks to Mr. Reevey, Mr. Hardy, and all the scouts who volunteered their time to take pictures and write descriptions for the all of the many artifacts in the museum. I want to give special thanks to Mr. H Thomas Summers, President of The FSK Memorial Foundation Inc., and also to Alden Merchant, a friend and scout from another troop, who went out of his way to help before, during and after the scheduled project time.


Look at the 274 crew in action! Visit the image gallery here.